• Smoke & Haze

    Smoke creates atmosphere and adds a fantastic third dimension to the lighting and lasers, as the beams cut through a room containing smoke. Smoke can be used lightly if required and is non evasive (doesnt smell or make you cough). It is 100% safe and an all-time favourite effect.

    We have smoke machines in various different sizes & output power depending on what you are using it for or how large an area you are trying to fill with smoke. Some of these machines have control panels where you can adjust the output from light to heavy and set a timer to control how often the machine generates output. We also have machines with wireless remote controls.

    Haze is a lighter version of smoke and is more appealing to customers and venues. The light haze which sometimes can seem invisible to the human eye, is pumped around a room or area with the machines built in fans. It creates a very thin optical haze which allows the beams of effect lighting and lasers to stand out. Haze is unlikely to set of smoke detectors if used correctly and is water based, so will not leave any residue on surfaces. Haze is what is used on TV programs like ‘X-Factor’ & ‘Dancing on Ice’ where you can see the light beams but without a smoky atmosphere.

  • Low Fog & Dry Ice

    Low Fog machines are a cheaper & safer way of creating that classic effect where smoke clings to the floor. This effect can look very romantic for things like the 1st dance at a wedding, where the married couple look like they are dancing on a cloud. It can also look very spooky at Halloween celebrations etc, especially with some appropriate lighting. Low fog machines use a special fluid and regular ice cubes, that chills a smoke and forces it low to the ground. Multiples of machines may be required for larger areas or to create a better effect. Dry Ice machines create the same effect as low fog, but the fog is a lot more dense and cloud-like.

    Dry ice machines heat up and produce this dense ground-hugging smoke when the frozen carbon dioxide pellets are inserted. Dry ice pellets are more expensive than low fog fluid and the effect doesn’t last as long but because the low smoke is denser, dry ice is the more impressive effect. Dry ice pellets are also very dangerous if mis-used or not handled safely, for this reason we mainly only offer dry ice with a trained operator.

  • Confetti Cannons

    Confetti is another classic but spectacular effect, suitable for a host of events and celebrations. We have powerful hand held confetti launchers that can be ordered with your choice of confetti, streamers or glitter colours.

    These handheld launchers are not the poor, unimpressive spring loaded ones that you can purchase from a supermarket. These are super powerful and disposable, with a little gas capsule inside that can launch its contents 5-8m. For an even bigger and more spectacular effect, we have some Co2 confetti cannons which are like little rocket launchers.

    These can be filled with flutter confetti, streamers & glitter etc, mounted discreetly at an event and detonated by an operator with a control box, launching its contents 8-12m into the air. Ideal for the ‘cutting of a cake’, for the ‘first dance’ at a wedding, at the strike of midnight at New Year or for celebrating a winner at an event.

  • Flame Machines

    Our flame machines look spectacular and draw people to them with their mesmerising warmth. These machines create a fake flame using a special silk, blown by a fan and illuminated with LED lights to create a very realistic 2m high flame. These have a multitude of different uses but look great either side of an entranceway, on a stage, at a casino, at a prom etc.

  • Snow Machines

    Our high powered snow machines can fairly quickly cover an area or dancefloor in a fake snow. Snow can be fired into the air and will gently fall down on people like it was a winter wonderland. A very realistic effect, fantastic for Christmas parties and New Year celebrations.

  • Bubble Machines

    We have a few different sizes of bubble machine, depending on the size of the party venue, even little ones that can be used at home or in a garden. Our ‘Jumbo’ machines launch thousands of big bubbles high into the air and will float down on guests over a large area. This classic effect looks very pretty and dreamy during the first dance at a wedding, perfect for wedding photographs.

    Bubbles are also a very popular effect at kids parties because children will spend ages, running around trying to catch & pop the bubbles. Our bubble solution is safe & non toxic but can leave shiny dancefloors a little slippery with frequent use, this needs to be considered when booking.

  • UV Black-Light

    Another of the ‘Retro’ disco effects that will never grow old, UV Black-light can be utilised for all sorts of different purposes. We have giant UV Cannons, UV LED Wash Panels & UV LED Strip Lights that can bathe any size area in black ultra-violet light.

    Just like in the 80’s, this will make anything that is white or fluorescent in colour, illuminate like it is Neon! We can supply or you can buy from most party shops, loads of ‘UV Reactive’ products like bodypaint, make-up, lipstick, hairspray, jewellery, fancy dress, novelty items that will glow under this UV black-light, to enhance the party or experience. UV Black-light is 100% safe and will not damage eyes or skin.

    This effect is perfect for UV Parties, children’s parties or discos, retro theme nights, 18th & 21st birthdays & halloweencelebrations etc.

  • Laser Show

    We have several different lasers that are suitable for many different events, celebrations or venues. Lasers look and work best with smoke or haze in a venue, but even without, they can project mesmerising patterns and animations onto walls and dancefloors. Everybody has seen laser technology in action but we can take it to the next level.

    We have some very high powered 2watt lasers that will project beams for miles, they are full colour and are capable of producing amazing animations, patterns, logos and text. Our laser software allows us to create bespoke text, logo or animation shows for any event or purpose. We provide these for private parties, sporting events, public firework shows, bar & nightclub events, store openings and product launches etc.

    These high powered lasers also look awesome with the coloured beams, waves & tunnels cutting through the smoke at disco’s & nightclubs.

  • Foam Machines

    We have two different sizes of foam machine, depending on what effect you are looking to create or whatever the size of the venue is. Our smaller machine will blow clumps of foam over the heads of people on a dancefloor at a party or in a bar/club, which is quite quickly and easily absorbed leaving little mess.

    The larger machine is very powerful and is capable of pumping huge volumes of thick foam into a venue or area, very quickly. The foam we use is non toxic and 100% safe, but is wet and can leave surfaces slippery – this needs to be considered when booking. The large foam machine can fill an area up to waist/chest height for the ‘Ibiza’ style foam parties, popular for teen/18th/21st birthdays.

  • CO2 Cannons

    We have a couple of different types of CO2 cannon, depending on what effect you are looking to create. CO2 is compressed Carbon Dioxide which when released from a cannon nozzle, creates a thick powerful smoke jet which virtually instantly disperses and disappears.

    This is a very popular effect used at music concerts and on TV shows like X-Factor etc. The smoke jet is a spectacular quick and attention grabbing effect and the CO2 is quite cold when released, so is well appreciated in nightclubs etc where it is hot & sweaty!

    We have a ‘ghostbuster’ style handheld CO2 cannon where the CO2 bottle is worn on a backpack like a scuba diver. This means the operator is mobile and un-restricted to blast clouds of CO2 smoke wherever they want. The other CO2 cannons we have are ‘fixed’ heads which can be mounted virtually anywhere, aiming the CO2 jet off the front of a stage or into the middle of a dancefloor etc. This effect is perfect for bars & night clubs, outdoor music concerts or product launches etc.

  • Strobe Lighting

    Another popular effect that everybody has seen, that can be utilised for many different purposes. Fast or slow ‘lightening’ style flashes of bright white light can be a fantastic effect. The fast flashing of strobe lights in a night-club can make you look like you are walking like a robot or part of a cine-film. Slow or individual flashes of strobe light can grab attention or be used to accent pieces of music.

    We have a few different sizes of strobes, depending on what you want to create or how large an area or venue is. Our large strobe lights can be linked together and operated from a control panel, perfect for stage, theatrical or nightclub use. We also have large quantities of ‘strobe tube’ which can be mounted around a stage, area or venue where the flashes of strobe light ’chase’ along the tube creating a spectacular spinning effect.

    Strobe lighting can trigger photo sensitive epilepsy so it is important to consider this and use the effect moderately with warning signs – we can offer advice & support with this.

  • Pyrotechnics

    Pyrotechnics are an amazing ‘theatrical’ style effect that will give any event the WOW factor. Bangs / flashes / glitters / and coloured flames can be produced from our pyrotechnics system depending on your requirements. The ‘pods’ can be mounted virtually anywhere and detonated from a control panel (by a trained or qualified operator).

    Pyrotechnics can be dangerous and must be used in correct circumstances and conditions, venues must be vetted and risk assessments undertaken before they can be booked.

  • Effect Projectors

    We have some spectacular LED projectors that can project many different effects onto walls, backdrops, ceilings and dance-floors. Popular are effects like flames, water, night stars & clouds, psychedelic lava lamp etc. These are ideal for a specific venue or occasion like ‘rippling water’ for an aqua park or sealife centre, ‘night clouds & twinkling stars’ for a wedding marquee roof etc, ‘psychedelic’ for a 70’s night or retro clothing store. The projectors can be mounted virtually anywhere, produce no heat and use very little electricity for long duty cycles.